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Erotic Comic Art

Erotic Comic Art is an art in which cartoons, drawings as well as mangas are skilfully provided with erotic elements. The special thing about sexy comic art is that it is a fine balancing act between humor and lascivious eroticism. Sexy cartoon art doesn't have anything offensive about it, but clearly brings eroticism and passion to the fore. Of course, this art works with a big wink of the eye. But it's exactly this wink that makes it possible to integrate erotic comics and drawings wonderfully into everyday life. 

Erotic Comic Art - sexy and erotic motifs by Kinky Karrot

Marie Sann is no longer a stranger to Erotic Comic Art. With her label Kinky Karrot she has managed to transport passion into daily life through Sexy Comic Art. Her works of art are an ode to the female body, passion and lust. Her art is slightly provocative, in a very charming way. In every single artwork you can see how Marie Sann celebrates life, love and eroticism. With her sexy cartoon style she also wants to support women in recognizing and loving their feminine, powerful and erotic side. 

Kinky Karrot - the finest in erotic art

With her erotic works of art, Marie Sann does not create images that can only be viewed in museums. With her art she wants to go out into the world and make her sexy works of art accessible to everyone. Her art should appear exactly where life, love and femininity take place.

Her pictures, prints and XXL posters are much too good to be hidden in a locker. These pictures embellish a stylish loft as well as the lovingly furnished bedroom or the modern coffee house. With her erotic cartoons Marie Sann has revived the era of pin-up models. The pictures show different women from all countries and in all variations and forms. Not the perfect body, but the charisma and the sexyness of every single character are in the foreground here.

Beside the pictures and posters her erotic works of art also decorate great bags. These are an absolute must-have for the strong woman of today who wants to present herself self-confidently. With the Kinky Karrot coffee mug, the day begins with a touch of eroticism and a good portion of joie de vivre. Serve your loved one his steaming coffee with a mischievous look and a cup that reveals much more.

Embellish your sofa with an erotic cushion. With your head on these soft cushions you can dream wonderfully. Marie Sanns erotic art decorates also mobile phone covers and a little eroticism accompanies you so by the whole day. And hand on heart - a little more eroticism in the grey and stressful everyday life comes just at the right time.

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