Who we are

Kinky Karrot is your slightly more sexually experienced girlfriend. Someone who is on the same page with you, but knows just a tiny bit more. Someone who is courageous enough to be open about what they like, and brave enough to learn about things they don't know. Someone you feel safe with. She is cool, authentic and fearless. The one who always inspires you to discover something new about yourself, and to never stop experimenting.

Here at Kinky Karrot we want to inspire open minded people to explore and better understand their sexuality through fun and quirky sex-positive art and female tailored products.



We would like to inspire a positive view of (female) sexuality through the representation of different body types, different sexual preferences, as well as ways of sexual self-portrayal, and hope Kinky Karrot also moves something in you.

Playful approach

We think humour can be incredibly sexy - so a cheeky wink runs through all our motifs. Our sex-positive women-friendly products that show solidarity, help you to express your point of view with ease.

Non-judgmental Space

As a fan of Kinky Karrot you are part of a non-judgmental sex-positive community. We create our content with a focus on the needs of women and female pleasure, but of course men are also very much welcome.

Female Perspectives

Kinky Karrot offers a fresh look at the subject of sexuality from a female perspective. In our opinion, there are still far too few female-made projects that deal with sex and (female) desire. Yet women are such immensely sexual beings.

Custom kinky Drawings

A service Kinky Karrot offers is to draw real people in a self confident and sassy way. It helps them to feel more ok with their sexual desires and more comfortable in their bodies.

"The amazing Kinky Karrot drew me as the sexy siren blonde bombshell that I’ve been since I realised I had a magical bod and hypnotic butt. She has captured me at my best, flirtatious, scantily clad, thick thighs and squeezing my glorious titties."

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Kinky Karrot Magazine

With educational and entertaining articles we want to invite people to learn more about important topics such as female sexuality, body positivity, kink and sex with their partners.

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Digital Collectibles

Many artists and brands are currently experimenting with NFTs. Kinky Karrot is now also taking their first curious steps into this new exciting world. Be one of the first to purchase a highly limited Kinky Karrot NFT.

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Exclusive Content for Patrons

Through Patreon you can support us on a monthly basis which helps us to continue with our mission and even grow. As a thank you you will get exciting exclusive hot content frequently.

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Kinky Karrot is still a very new project and just until recently, everything was done by founder Marie Sann alone. But slowly but surely a wonderful small team of other passionate sex-positive creators form around her.


Marie Sann

Marie Sann is a passionate artist based in Berlin. She was interested in the topic of sexuality at an early age, but when she wanted to learn more about it, she quickly encountered the problem of not finding any content that really spoke to her. Sex education in school was uninspired and insufficient. Pornography in the internet quickly scared her off by the male perspective and the misogynistic depictions. In general she had the feeling that sex seems to be everywhere, and yet nobody really speaks about it - especially not about female sexuality. So many years later she decided to build her own brand that educates, inspires and entertains around the topic of healthy sexuality and female empowerment. And here we are with Kinky Karrot.


Pimenta Cítrica

Pimenta Cítrica is a Berlin-based author, screenwriter, and video maker. Born and raised in Brazil, she moved to Germany in 2016, and her work is focused in sex-positivity from a feminist perspective. She writes both fictional and non-fictional content for a multitude of sex-positive platforms around the globe, and also has her own website and YouTube channel. She's also one of the voices behind I Am The Clitoris, a project designed to spread information about female anatomy and cliteracy.


Bianca Maria Fiore

Bianca is a writer based in Barcelona and educated in London. She’s into long books, cats, foreign languages, and peeps who don’t tell women what they should look, think, or fuck like. A big fan of Marie’s work, Bianca is interested in feminism as well as body and sex-positivity, and believes in the great need for better sex education in and outside school. From time to time she supports Kinky Karrot with exciting articles about popular topics as well as reflections on identity, pleasure, and the politics of sexuality in contemporary societies.

We want to expand our team!

In order to reach even more people with Kinky Karrot, we are looking for support from a Marketing / Management expert with experience and passionate interest in the topics we cover with our brand. We are also looking for an experienced 2D Animator who would like to help us breathe life into the Kinky Karrot characters. Sounds like you? Then click here to write us a message!


We love to hear what Kinky Karrot does for you! Here are a few voices from the community.


Kinky Karrot is still in the baby shoes. Therefore we are happy about every support we can get to grow further and reach even more people. Here are a few ways to help us:

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We offer many products that are created with passion and love. Be it something small like a cheeky enamel pin or something very unique like a custom drawing. Each purchase is support to us.

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