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Large Posters

You like it big? Then spice up your room decoration with those large high quality Kinky Karrot posters. Size: 70 x 100 cm / 27,6 x 39,4 inch.
Each design is a statement and will attract attention.

Erotic Art Posters


Erotic art has long since discarded its dirty image and, if well done, has become absolutely salonable. Kinky Karrot stands for erotic art, which inspires with much love to the detail, fresh, cheeky motives and with a new pin-up art. The artist Marie Sann expresses her love for the female body in her works and her characters on her Erotic Art Posters tell little stories.

On these Nude Art Posters women present themselves as strong sexes and show themselves with many facets. Not the smooth perfection of the bodies themselves, but sexyness is the focus here. Marie Sanns women convey passion and seduce with their lascivious nature - but always with a wink, because eroticism should also be seen with humor.



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