20% DISCOUNT on all proucts (exc. vouchers)! Use the code CHRISTMAS in your check-out ♥
20% DISCOUNT on all proucts (exc. vouchers)! Use the code CHRISTMAS in your check-out ♥
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Large Posters

You like it big? Then spice up your room decoration with those large high quality Kinky Karrot posters. Size: 70 x 100 cm / 27,6 x 39,4 inch.
Each design is a statement and will attract attention.

Erotic Art Posters

Erotic art has long since discarded its dirty image and, if well done, has become absolutely salonable. Kinky Karrot stands for erotic art, which inspires with much love to the detail, fresh, cheeky motives and with a new pin-up art. The artist Marie Sann expresses her love for the female body in her works and her characters on her Erotic Art Posters tell little stories.

On these Nude Art Posters women present themselves as strong sexes and show themselves with many facets. Not the smooth perfection of the bodies themselves, but sexyness is the focus here. Marie Sanns women convey passion and seduce with their lascivious nature - but always with a wink, because eroticism should also be seen with humor.

Erotic Art Posters - multifaceted motifs at Kinky Karrot

Marie Sanns erotic Wall Art beautifies your home in excellent quality. The posters are a remarkable 70 cm x 100 cm in size and are therefore an absolute eye-catcher. Whether in the bedroom or living room, in the coffee house or restaurant, with these Nude Art Posters you are guaranteed to attract attention and create a very special atmosphere.

Marie Sann brings the most different models on paper. The artist likes to be inspired by popular and well-known comic figures or actors from Disney films and reinterprets them. In her Cheshire Cat Girl poster she takes care of the cat from Alice in Wonderland and transforms it into a sexy cat woman. Not only Alice in Wonderland fans are thrilled.

Whether the Playboy Girl Paulette, who seduces with a sexy burlesque pose, a cheeky version of Snow White, the cheeky Cécile with her sassyness - Marie Sann knows perfectly how to package eroticism cheeky and pert. The fetish Bunny Girl is represented by Kinky Karrot as well as Marie Sann's interpretation of the little mermaid, Wonder Woman or Harley Quinn. Let yourself be seduced by the tingling eroticism of the Erotic Art Poster.



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