20% DISCOUNT on all proucts (exc. vouchers)! Use the code CHRISTMAS in your check-out ♥
20% DISCOUNT on all proucts (exc. vouchers)! Use the code CHRISTMAS in your check-out ♥
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Please note that our pillows require a longer production process;
we can not guarantee that it arrives in time for Christmas.

Throw Pillows

Accent your home with fluffy decorative throw pillows featuring sexy Kinky Karrot pin-up designs. They are all double sided printed
and come in the size of 45,72 cm x 45,72 cm (18''x18''); a vegan cushion filling is included. The heavyweight stretch material provides beautiful color definition for your design
while also being the perfect complement to your couch!

Erotic Art Pillow

Kinky Karrot stands for erotic art and the artist Marie Sann inspires with her figures, motifs and characters. With a lot of love and devotion she created Erotic Art, which seduces in a very special way. Kinky Karrot is not pushy and far away from grubby pin-ups, but presents herself sexy and passionate, with a cheeky and impudent wink.

Marie Sanns works of art can not only be admired on big posters. An absolute highlight are the Erotic Art Pillows from Kinky Karrot. A Kinky Pillow with motifs from Marie Sanns collection is an eye-catcher and at the same time a cuddly accessory that should not be missing in any household. They conjure up a subtle, erotic mood in the twinkling of an eye and provide a heartbeat.

Erotic Art Pillows - comfortable pillows by Kinky Karrot

The Kinky Pillows are high-quality pillows that are an absolute eye-catcher with a size of 45.72 cm x 45.72 cm. Each Kinky Karrot cushion is printed on both sides and made of robust stretch material. Thus these cushions are wonderfully cuddly and remain shapely. They are provided with a vegan filling, score with strong colors and are naturally washable.

Erotic Art Pillows from Kinky Karrot are available in a variety of designs. Marie Sann loves to be inspired by comic figures or popular actors from Disney films. Snuggle up with an erotic version of the cat from Alice in Wonderland, with Marie Sann's version of Jessica Rabbit or with a very saucy Wonder Woman. Let yourself be seduced and inspired by Cheeky Ella or the cheeky Magical Girl.



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