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Interview with Burlesque Girl Cadbury Parfait

You may have noticed from my illustrations: I am a big fan of Burlesque.
I try to attend as many shows as possible (luckily there is a real boom here in Berlin at the moment). The Berlin burlesque scene is like a small, glittering family and recently a new face has been added: a british newcomer named Cadbury Parfait.

I have accompanied her to two shows and I am very happy that she took the time for a short interview. I even made her the subject of my latest drawing.
You can read the interview below or watch the video of it here:

I hope you enjoy and feel free to leave feedback in the comments below.

Kinky Karrot: Hello Cadbury Parfait. It's very nice to have you here.
Please tell us first how you got the name Cadbury Parfait.

Cadbury Parfait: The name was actually given to me drunk by a friend at a Burlesque Show.
“Cadbury” is a famous chocolate brand in the UK. So I am playing on my Britishness and also on the fact that I am mixed race. The other part of the name “Parfait” comes of course from the French desert. And there is an ongoing tradition of using French words in bulresque names.
I am sweet and cheeky and I mean who doesn’t like parfait?!

Kinky Karrot:  She is really sweet and cheeky.
But where does the joy of standing on a stage and presenting oneself to an audience come from?
Cadbury Parfait: Even when I was three, my mother took me on a stage. I was always on community theatre and I studied at the University theatre. So I’ve always been on stage and I love it. The attention, teh applause… Performing is very much a drug really.

Kinky Karrot: Aren’t you also sometimes quite nervous about being the center of so much attention?
Cadbury Parfait: I get nervous, but I figured if I'm not feeling nervous I do not care enough. So the nerves are good, the adrenaline is good and you have to use that. I think even if you're doing it for 50 years, you still have this jitter before you go on stage. And it feels good, it's a rush.

Kinky Karrot: What do you like so much about Burlesque?
Cadbury Parfait: So many things really ... Of course I love the costumes and the glamor. I mean, who does not like to wear sequins and feathers? And I love the body positivity. So women and men of all shapes and sizes can just get up there and present themselves. I love to see that. And there is no judgment really.
There are many different genres in burlesque. They have the classics with the fans and stuff. And then they have the neo-burlesque, and that can go in many different branches. You can have pretty dark things with sword swallowing and stuff like that and then there can be comedy.

I personally like comedy, because even if the burlesque fails, as long as the audience is laughing, you're fine.

Kinky Karrot: Do you tell stories during your performances?
Cadbury Parfait: Yes I do! I like the idea of a narrative. It does help a performer to find their character. And I love when the audience just doesn’t quite know what’s happening and then it clicks and they go “Ahh, I see what she did there, that’s really clever.”

Kinky Karrot: Do you create the dresses you wear on stage yourself?
Cadbury Parfait: Yes, definitley. When you start, everything is very much DIY. So you sit at home with a glass of wine and a glue gun and let your creativity flow. I think once you get established you have the money to afford the costumes. But I like the creative process. It is very therapeutic after a long day at work to just sit there and concentrate on this dress. Also, you can give your costume a very personal touch, no one dictates how it should look in the end.

Kinky Karrot: With my last question, I would like to hear from you: What is good eroticism in your opinion?
Cadbury Parfait: For me personally, good eroticism is a true celebration of female femininity. It is consesual - so you have sexualized yourself, it is not sexualized by anyone else. And it's a celebration of the things you are in to. Be open and it do not be ashamed of it. If you like something that someone else does not, that's okay. As long as it is consensual and you enjoy it.
It's 2018 and I think people really need to notice that women also enjoy sex.

Kinky Karrot: Thank you very much for this interview, Cadbury Parfait.
Follow Cadbury Parfait on Instagram and come to one of her upcoming shows if you can. I'm sure she has a great career ahead of her.

Cadbury Parfait Burlesque Girl Illustration by Kinky karrot

Her glamourous performance inspired me so much that it became the theme of my latest Kinky Karrot drawing.The picture is now available as a large poster.

Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments below. And maybe you want to tell us what good eroticism is for you.
Stay kinky. XOXO Marie


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  • Tomoki Yurei on

    For anyone who is not familiar with Burlesque, this is an excellent introduction to that world. I greatly enjoyed your questions and Cadbury’s answers. Her story and the acceptance she is given to be able to do what she loves is inspiring and heartfelt. And the fact that she is no different than anyone who enjoys and is dedicated to their craft. She does her makeup and has even created her own dresses, as many in burlesque have done. And I agree with her definition of good eroticism. It should be consensual and a celebration of femininity and acceptance. I also believe it extends to men and their feelings and desires, as long as they are consensual. So overall, good eroticism focuses on not just the bodies, but the thoughts and personalities of the individual so that we can understand them. We may not agree, but we can at least understand and accept it. I’d be happy to hear any thoughts, praises, or criticisms. I am always constantly learning to be as fair and balanced as I can. And good luck to both you and Cadbury, and I hope you continue to spread good eroticism.

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