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I answer Your Questions - Q&A Video and Blog Post

Kinky Karrot Comic Book Artist Marie Sann Interview Questions Answered Q&A

Thank you very much for sending me so many questions my via Instagram and Facebook accounts. Most of them are directly related to Kinky Karrot and the creative process behind it and some are more of a personal kind.

In the following I answer your questions. If you prefer to watch it as a video please click here. I hope you enjoy.

What motivated you to start "Kinky Karrot"?
I created "Kinky Karrot" for three reasons:

First, because I've always been fascinated by the subject of eroticism and I enjoy creating beautiful, diverse characters.

Secondly, I was shocked at how little erotic content was made by women so far and how much bad, misogynist and uninspiring eroticism is out there. In reply to it I create my own very personal version of "good eroticism".

The third reason is that I wanted to set up a project that spreads an important message.
I find that we are all too taboo about sex and sexuality. Why? It is such a normal part of our existence really and belongs to us as a human being.
Do not get me wrong - I do not call for all of us to fuck around like crazy wild rabbits. But it is important to me that we learn to think openly about our sexuality and desires, to dare to talk about it and to be able to live the way we really want to. The sexual inclinations of people can be very diverse. And just because they do not conform to the norm does not mean that they are bad, as long as they do not harm anyone.

Besides that it is also important to me to show how diverse the concept of "beauty" can be. There is not only one body shape or skin colour that’s beautiful. I think we should stop to create the idea of the "ideal" body. There is not such a thing.

Beauty comes in many forms.

Do you ever get a negative response for your somewhat risky works?
Sure. There are narrow mindet people out there that have problems with openness to the issue of sexuality and a phobia towards anything that does not conform to the official "norm". They don’t want to realize how colorful the world actually is and find, I should rather keep my drawings under lock and key - or even better - not create them at all.

Which one of your KK characters is your personal favorite?
That's hard - I think I can not answer this question... They are a bit like my own children to me. So it's hard to decide for only one.
But I clearly have my favorites. And these are Cécile, Paulette, Chibiusa, the Cheshire Cat and Snow White.

Kinky Karrot personal Favorites digital art by Marie Sann
those are my favorite "Kinky Karrot" artworks at the moment

How long have you been drawing?

Since I was able to hold a pen.  :)

Where do you get inspiration for each piece of artwork?
If you knew what's going on in my head... Hihi.
It's is full of ideas and pictures, and even if I had a hundred lifes, I could not draw them all, there are so many... So I never lack ideas and my inspirations come from everything that I get in touch with. I get it from movies, books, events, games, from other artists, people I meet, music, fashion, conversations and so on.

I think artists are always unconsciously building a creative library in their minds from which to draw ideas from.
So I can answer the question Does your private life influence your characters? clearly with yes. Everything is connected and will always influence each other. Recently, for example, at a party I saw a girl with a very inspiring style, and immediately saved this image in my mental libary. Now I will be able to make a drawing inspired by this encounter when I feel like it.

How did you come up with the name KK?
That was not such an easy process. I did a lot of barinstorming for the name of my brand. Some of the names I came up with have already been taken. The brainstorming endet in "Kinky Karrot" then - "kinky" because I like the sound of the word and because it fits the content of my project. And "Karrot" because at this point I knew already that I wanted to integrate the bunny mask as a simbol somehow. And thinking of a bunny I thought about carrots and… Haha. Yesss, my thoughts are so simple sometimes.  ;)

I like the alliteration. And to make it look good as a brand logo, I've turned the C of Carrot into a K.

Kinky Karrot Brand Logo kinkykarrot.com
Do you get turned on while drawing kinky characters?
Hm... I would say in a way yes. But more because of the creative process itself than because of the type of content I draw.
If you're an artist yourself, you know what I mean. I'm talking about the creative energy that arises while creating something. It creates a feeling of excitement and arousement. But it does not really matter
what I draw. It's more about the creation itself that makes the magical feeling happen.

Do you feel empored because it’s your work and it’s in your control?
Yes. It has something fascinating that I can create something to my personal liking.

What is your favorite thing to draw?
Definitely characters. It's always been like that since I started drawing. It does not matter if it is animals, human beings or fantastic creatures. Creating characters is just an absolutely amazing thing for me to do and I will never get tired of it.

Do you use yourself as reference for your art?
No I don’t. Absolutely not. But I hear that soo often.That's why I'll soon draw myself as a pinup, then maybe you'll see the difference. ;)
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Many artists often hear that the characters in their drawings resemble themselves. Did it happen to you, too?
I think that happens completely subconsciously and does not mean that the artists are in love with yourself or something.

What media do you use for your drawings?
For "Kinky Karrot" I draw exclusively digitally. For this I use a drawing board from Wacom and the standard brush in Photoshop.

When did you start drawing with a digital tablet?
Was it a difficult transformation from pencil?

I started when I was around sixteen I guess ... So it's been a while. :)
It felt very strange at first. But after a few weeks I felt pretty familiar.

Are you going to use idk Adriana Lima for example in one of your future pieces?
No probably not. I love to get inspired by Cartoon Characters and to draw my own kinky version of those - in a much more realistic style than the original version. This process is an exciting challenge for me as an artist. But to draw people who really exist and of whom there are already a thousand perfect photos - is not appealing to me.

I like to draw real people as an exception though - Those are people I interviewed or people to whom I have a personal relationship of some kind. But you will rarely (or never even) see current actors or models as a “Kinky Karrot” artwork.

Is it important to draw good anatomy?
Well, if you consciously decide against it in your artistic process, I would say it is not important to draw good anatomy. Then it is more a question of style and personal preferences.
But in my opinion, a good artist learned to master to draw traditionally - which also includes the mastery of anatomically correct drawings.
The great artists who draw in a abstracted, exaggerated or deformed way, could, and I am quite sure about that, also present a perfectly executed classic nude drawing. So I highly recommend you to study anatomy. And afterwards you can simplify and deform it if you want.

Do you like foot fetish and are you planning any paintings about that theme?
I do not have a foot fetish but I am very interested in the range of fetishes that exist and will definitely dedicate a whole collection of artworks to the colorful world of fetishes.
So yes - Soon, foot fetish themed images will also be part of "Kinky Karrot". If you are a subscriber of my newsletter you will be the first to know... ;)

Why so much naked stuff?
Because the human body is beautiful and nudity is natural.
So why not? :)

Are you very sexually expressive in your private life or is your art a way to do so?
Yes I am. I am a passionate person and a strong sexual energy has alwys been part of me. I like to live it out - with a few well-chosen people over my life time.

Would you make erotic versions of other American cartoons one day?
Definitely! I have so many ideas for cartoon characters waiting to be drawn. It will not just be American cartoon characters, but a mix of all those who have influenced and inspired me until now.

By the way, I'm thinking about opening a Patreon page where I let you vote on which character I'll draw next. And maybe I would even offer an extra spicy version of the specific character... What do you think of the idea? Would you be interested? Please write me your honest opinion in the comments below.

Would you ever do portraits of your fans?
I would love to offer custom art where I draw you in the style of "Kinky Karrot" but - and here the following question fits in well: How long does it take you to produce one piece of art?
It takes me four to five days to create an artwork in this high polished detailed style and that’s just not affordable for the random customer. Since I see no solution, I fear that there will be no custom "Kinky Karrot" art in the foreseeable future.

Don’t you want to you draw something from Star Wars?
Hihi - yes! Since I get a lot of requests for this topic, I will finally soon create a Star Wars related image. ;)

Are you a submissive or a dominant woman?
I leave that to your own imagination.

What fictional characters do you think are good role models?
Fortunately we see more and more strong female, emancipated protagonists in movies and other media.
A good example of a series with great role model characters is "Star Trek - Discovery".
How cool is it to see a female Captain of Asian origin, a black female hero as portagonist and a gay couple in one series? I think there should be more of it.

Do you often meet fans at any specific conventions?
Yeees, I try to attend as many events as possible (e.g. Comic COns and erotic fairs)! I really love to get in touch with you guys. ♥
Drawing can be quite a lonely activity. And such events are always a nice change. I love to chat with you guys and get get direct feedback on my work. So you can be sure - I'm already looking forward to the next event.
Please check my dates to stay updated about upcoming events I attend. A big dream of mine is to exhibit at the San Diego Comic Con.

When are you coming to the states?
I hope very very soon. Unfortunately, it is of course a costly thing.
Therefore, I can not promise anything exactly.
But if I have news, my newsletter subscribers and Social-Media followers will definitely find out!

Marie Sann at Comic Con presenting Kinky Karrot

Are you single?
No I am not.

Are you planning to draw a comic inspired by your erotic art?
I definitely want to publish a book project within the next few years. But how exactly that will look, I can not say yet. It will most likely not be an full comic book, as the style of "Kinky Karrot" would be too time consuming for such a project and I do not like to compromise on quality.
But it will definitely be a cool project, I can promise that. And I'm really looking forward to working on it.

What advice would you give other artists?
Draw nothing just because you think it would get positive feedback or because it's a trend currently. Draw what you are passioned about. And don’t worry about what others think about it. Draw for yourself.

THANK YOU FOR READING! Here you can watch the video:

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Stay kinky. XOXO Marie


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  • Dean on

    Hi Marie

    Ive sell prints a cons too, but ive only done it 2 times so i still trying to figure out best way to sell my self .

    but i picked up one of your prints . and im in love with it . fun thing is see your Steph drawing you did ,well she is my mate haha she showed me the one u sent to her and i loved it !

    but im emailing u to ask were u get your prints made ?

    Thank you

  • Tomoki Yurei on

    This was a great video! All the questions everyone asked were excellent and one of them was mine too (I’m honored!). It was great to get to learn more about you and your thoughts on certain subjects. You had some great answers. I also think it’s true that artists subconsciously might fill in details using their own (I think that’s a true psychological phenomenon). I hope you do another Q&A and I hope I can ask an intellectual question that hasn’t been asked yet. And I really hope you can come to the states eventually because I’d love to meet you in person at a convention. In the meantime, I look forward to your new videos and your next pieces of KinkyKarrot Art and I hope more people come across them. Best wishes to you, Marie.

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