Women are wonderful! And this with all their (sexual) needs, peculiarities and desires. But unfortunately not everyone saw and still does not see it that way. The history of femininity and especially of female sexuality is full of compulsions, prohibitions and misunderstandings. And it is marked by the struggle for equality and self-determination. The last centuries show why you should shout your femininity proudly into the world right now. Why you should show everyone how great it is to be a woman and why it is worth your while to stand up for an open female sexuality every day.


A story full of limitations

That you can wear what you want, love who you want and sleep with who you want is thanks to the work of many courageous women. For female sexuality has always been suppressed and the reasons for this were manifold: in addition to the physical superiority of the man, the different dispositions of both sexes played a role from the very beginning. If men tended to dominate and establish their status in the community, women often wanted to create harmony. This mixture gave rise to social patterns that made it easier for men to attain education and positions of power.
Let us take a short journey through history to illustrate this:

Stone Age - the time of fear

When man as a species was still in its infancy, it only made sense for men to suppress women in their sexuality. They wanted a monogamous woman so that they could be sure that the child they had together was really theirs. Because no man wanted to care for a strange child in times when he had to put his life in danger for food.


Antiquity - sexual freedom

Fortunately, after the emergence of different peoples and cultures, the sexual freedoms of women also changed. People became - depending on the culture - more self-determined and could live out their lives. In Greece, for example, brothels or erotic bathhouses were the order of the day. Homosexuality was also completely commonplace - an attitude that we had to regain centuries later.


The Middle Ages - the Word of God

With the spread of Christianity and other faiths, many of the freedoms were no longer valid. During this time, a church morality that was hostile to sexuality emerged and women were subjected to it. Unfaithful spouses were even executed, while the men were allowed to enjoy themselves without restraint. In arranged marriages, children were usually still married to each other. Many women tried to escape this and entered a convent. Some even mutilated themselves to avoid marital rape. They were only allowed to indulge their lust in secret. One result: erotic novels, such as that of the author Marie de France, which gave women, at least in this world, every freedom.

My love and my body I give to you,
make me your lover!

Quote Marie de France, Bisclavret, around 1170

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written by Julia Burghardt