Breast Positivity: Give your breasts the love they deserve

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Breast Positivity: Give your breasts the love they deserve

Are you happy with your breasts? Whether stretch marks, moles, freckles, large or small - every woman should love her breasts just the way they are. They are a part of our body and not something we should be at war with. In this article we tell you why many women find this so difficult, what influence the media has on our attitude towards our own breasts and how we can build a better relationship with them.

Unloved breast?

According to a recent study, almost every third woman worldwide is dissatisfied with her breasts. A total of almost 18,500 women from 40 countries were surveyed. According to the survey, many of the participants would like to have larger breasts - in Germany it is even more than half.

But what is the reason for this? On the one hand, our breasts are considered an absolute symbol of femininity, beauty and fertility. A woman who radiates sex appeal has beautifully shaped breasts - at least that is what many women and men assume. At the same time, the media also draw the picture of the so-called perfect breast: accordingly, the women shown here have breasts that are not "too big", not "too small" and not "too saggy".

The study also goes on to say that this development is fatal. It has been proven that women who are dissatisfied with their breasts palpate themselves less often - which can have serious health consequences, such as undetected tumours or other tissue changes. They should also have less sex because they do not feel well enough in their bodies. Last but not least, all this leads to more and more cosmetic surgery: Last year alone, the number of breast operations increased by nine percent throughout Germany.

By the way, men also suffer from beauty ideals around their breasts. Even if they can move around easier with a nude upper body without causing a stir, advertising and media also suggest an image of the "perfect" male breast: a firm, upright and not too pronounced one.

What about you?

What's your relationship to your breasts? How did you learn to love your breasts? Which tips and tricks around the handling of your breasts have we perhaps forgotten? Share your thoughts with us on our Instagram account @kinkykarrot or write us an e-mail.

written by Julia Burghardt

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