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Let us draw you kinky

Christmas is close - what better time to celebrate your uniqueness or that of your beloved ones? We want to help you make your sexy superpower shine with our cheeky illustrations. Have yourself, your partner or your favourite character drawn as a unique Kinky Karrot cartoon character. Perfect for the brave, cheeky and lovers who want to give their partners a unique gift.

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Our Mission

When it comes to sexuality, there is a whole universe to explore, even for the most experienced of us. Sexual self-discovery is as valuable and important as any other; it can be extremely creative and help you get to know yourself better. But this journey of self-discovery can also be frightening and discouraging, especially for women. Questions like "Who do I talk to about it? Who can I ask questions to? What if they're judging me? Is there something wrong with me?" We are here to help you deal with these doubts in a playful and creative way. We want to inspire you to be open and courageous about your sexuality and to know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with you. You are unique and you are beautiful. And above all, you're not alone. We learn more every day. Let's learn and play together.

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