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Open mindedness

Sex is so much fun - why are there so many taboos on this topic? It is time that we see sex for what it really is - something that is exciting, fun and exciting.

spirit of discovery

We want to explore the different pieces of this fascinating puzzle called sex and inspire you to put these pieces together to create something that fits your personality.


It's time for the new sexy superheroes to be born! The brave ones who know their bodies and are proud of it. The bold ones who are ready to explore and discover The courageous ones, able to tell exactly what turns them on.

what we offer


We would like to inspire a positive view of (female) sexuality through the representation of different body types, different sexual preferences as well as possibilities for sexual self-expression and hope that Kinky Karrotwill also inspire you.

judgment free space

As a fan of Kinky are Karrot you are part of a non-judgemental sex-positive community. We create our content with a focus on the needs of women and female pleasure, but of course men are also very welcome.

playful approach

We think humour is incredibly sexy - so a cheeky wink runs through all our motifs. Our sex-positive, women-friendly products, which show solidarity, help you to express your point of view with ease.

unique aesthetics

The unique style of Kinky Karrotis unmistakable. Each motif shows strong female characters who enjoy being a woman. Attention to detail and a direct communication between the drawn figure and the viewer are at the centre of our works of art.

Have yourself drawn

new articles

We would like to invite you to learn step by step in our articles more about important topics like female sexuality, body positivity, kink and sex with your partner. Have fun!

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